Your Energy Resources for a Vibrant & Fulfilling Life



Is your life unfolding in positive anticipation?
Are you setting the tone of your relationships in your life?

You are pure energy. Science has now validated this. You will find the resources here to support you in claiming your greater Self and engaging with your inner Spirit.

- Build the bridge you have longed for between your spirituality and your every day living. They are not separate.
- Learn about the phenomenal quality of your unique energy blueprint.
- Engage with, harness and raise the vibration of your energy field.
- Train your mind to discern the voice of your innate wisdom that always guides your life.
- Develop the skills to live with an open heart.
- Let your intuition blossom.
- Reinforce your spiritual connection.

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Personal Intensive:
Your Customized Healing
& Mentoring session

Experience a one-on-one personalized Energy healing and coaching with Malabika no matter where in the world you may be. This ninety minute module has opened up a whole new way of being for many individuals. The sessions are conducted face to face, as well as via phone, internet and Skype.

You may sign up for a private individual energy healing, personal empowerment or spiritual mentoring session.

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Mentorship Program:
A Spiritual Intelligence Based Program

This program is offered in three parts. Each part comprises four individual sessions (in person or online), readings, assignments and follow up.

Sessions are typically two weeks apart. Each part takes roughly two months to complete. The parts must be taken sequentially. You may take a break between each part.One unique and valuable feature of this program is ...

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Relationships Coaching
Is your relationship growing or is it draining your energy?

Loving with Greater Awareness - a coaching program for couples.
Here is an opportunity for couples to learn about the deeper energetic patterns that drive relationships. There is much more going on in the energetic realm than what meets the eye. Which parts of you do you consciously bring into the relationship? What hidden and buried subconscious programs is your partner triggering in you? See More….

Classes and Workshops
Malabika Shaw offers regular classes and workshops on Energy Healing principles, Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Sound Healing, Aura and Chakras and Spiritual Intelligence. Online classes are offered regularly and are globally accessible. In location workshops take place in Boston area, in greater Des Moines, as well as New Delhi and other cities in India. Her focus is in teaching how to apply the principles and techniques to create a healthy and abundant life. See More….


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