Classes and Workshops

Malabika Shaw offers regular classes and workshops on Energy Healing principles, Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Sound Healing, Aura and Chakras and Spiritual Intelligence. Online classes are offered regularly and are globally accessible. In location workshops take place in Boston area, in greater Des Moines, as well as New Delhi and other cities in India. Her focus is in teaching how to apply the principles and techniques to create a healthy and abundant life.
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Online Programme ScheduleOngoing and upcoming Classes and Meditations

Programme (click for details) Date Participation
Gene Keys Study Circle I Thursdays, Nov 18, Dec 16
Gene Keys Study Circle II Saturdays, Nov 13, Dec 11
Gene Keys Study Circle III Sundays, Nov 21, Dec 19
Spiritual Response Advanced Update Dec. 18
Integrated SRT Basic and Advanced Certificate Course January 10 to February 4

Gene Keys Study Circle
Saturdays Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11, 2021, 10 AM to 11.15 PM EDT $100

This study circle is created to support individuals to wish to delve into the study of the Gene Keys. This body of knowledge is a potent tool for personal transformation. It is a step by step journey into Self-realization. In this small group we will support each other to find our own deeper truth. Membership is limited to manage group energy and is offered on first come basis.

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Spiritual Response Advanced Update
Saturday, Sept 18, 2021, Dec 18, 2021 - 10 AM to 12.30 PM EDT $45

Effective 2021 SRT conferences will be held quarterly. Open to SRT practitioners,these workshops bring you up to date on processes and applications taught by Robert and veteran teachers. Spirit takes us deeper in our understanding as we ask more and more questions. These practices have emerged from the foundation of SRT practice.

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Spiritual Principles of Wealth Creation – Online

Wealth is our birthright. SPIRIT wants us to be rich. But our dysfunctional mental/emotional patterns limit our access to wealth. Spiritual principles and cutting edge quantum sciences are connecting the dots between our subconscious programs and creation of wealth. Learn the very precise steps to the road map of accessing wealth. Examine and your inner contradictions, clear old programs and align your greater mind to the abundant nature of the universe. Unlock the door to financial ease. Creating wealth entails much more than smart choices and hard work. In reality, it is a spiritual adventure.
8 Professional Continuing Education Credits for SRT practitioners
Registration through Spiritual Response Association.

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The Art of Conscious Creation
July 16 - 19 2021

The universal law of creation stipulates that in order for a project or a relationship to manifest itself in the three-dimensional reality, it must first exist clearly in our conscious and sub-conscious minds. Then we bring this vision into harmony with our deeper self. In this class you'll learn to identify contrary sub-conscious patterns, beliefs and perceptions that may thwart your conscious desires. You'll learn concrete actionable steps to neutralize your blocks, refine your thought patterns, practice using energetically compatible language and bring your goals into sharp focus. Bring your project idea at any stage and use this opportunity to propel it into creation.


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Healing with Reiki


Reiki opens the door to a world beyond three-dimensions and the five senses. A simple yet powerful initiation process enables you to receive the healing impulses from a larger energy field that surround us. Reiki’s gentle and comforting flow promotes healing and balances us at multiple levels. Level I Reiki opens the energy channels of the body and prepares the mind to work with the power of intention.Level II Reiki attunes us to the sacred geometry of healing symbols that allow access to energy beyond time and space coordinates. The symbols unlock awareness to our multi-dimensional presence and allow for the healing of the sub-strata of the mind as well as the body. We will learn elegant healing methods for the self and others including remote distance healing.

Reiki Level IIIA: Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Master Healer

Advanced Reiki Training attunes you to the Master level healing symbols and expands the understanding and experience of healing consciousness. You will learn to use specific Reiki tools -- sound vibrations, Crystals, color and others for focused and powerful healings and the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki Level IIIB: Reiki Master Teacher Training


In this Master Reiki Training class you will learn the art of attuning others and passing on the Reiki attunements. This class is designed to give you an in depth understanding of the process of evolution of conscious energy and how Reiki can be integrated with several healing modalities.Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki levels upto 3 A.

Personal Intensive :
Your Customized Healing & Mentoring session

Experience a one-on-one personalized Energy healing and coaching with Malabika. You may sign up for a private individual energy healing, personal empowerment or spiritual mentoring session.
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Mentorship Program for Personal Empowerment

A Spiritual Intelligence Based Coaching Program in three parts. Each part comprises four individual sessions (in person or online), readings, assignments and follow up. Sessions are typically two weeks apart.
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Relationships Coaching : Loving with Greater Awareness

A coaching program for couples. It offers a safe space for both of you to explore all aspects of your relationship -- from love and sexual intimacy to power, money and control issues.
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