About Malabika


Picture of Malabika Shaw from India

Hi, I am Malabika.
I am a devoted student of consciousness, spirituality and of energy healing arts that connects these to our current physical reality. I started Vision Wholistic in 2000 with the intention of creating the ability to see wholeness. This I do through personal mentoring sessions and through a wide range of classes and workshops on conscious energy. Though now I live near Boston MA, my work through the internet has a global reach.

All this has come about in a interesting manner. I grew up in India where I spent the first part of my career spanning 25 odd years was in education, consulting and training in organizational management. I learned a great deal about people, groups, leadership and organizations, which in turn I taught. (See below).

In the mid-nineties, I was propelled into a new paradigm at many levels. I began to study spirituality and the phenomenon of human consciousness. I also moved to the US Midwest, the heartland, where I spent several years learning, practicing and teaching meditative therapies and Spiritual Healing arts. (See below).

I am discovering how science and spirituality are converging rapidly. Quantum physics is validating step by step many concepts ancient spiritual leaders taught us. The idea that everything is energy vibration fascinates me. The sophistication of mind-body-spirit connection captivates me. The creative power of thoughts, emotions and intentions simply blows my mind. How lives change by learning to replace old belief patterns with new, simply amazes me.
The realization that so many of our everyday beliefs and practices are clearly backwards, really inspiressme to take every opportunity to say “stop the struggle, there is a simpler way, there is an easier way”. Indeed there is.

I love to teach. It is my passion. Sharing the knowledge about these cutting edge thoughts, tools and techniques are exhilarating beyond belief. Adding old and new information like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to get a holistic picture is fun. I am willing to teach everything I know.
If you are reading this, then you may be ready for a deeper level of understanding of the conscious energy process and the soul’s journey.

When the teacher is ready, they say, the student appears.
I welcome you heartily!!!


Study of the phenomenon of human consciousness and spiritual healing

• Spiritual Response Therapy--Certified Teacher and consultant
• Spiritual Restructuring-- Certified Consultant
• Reiki and Karuna Reiki --Certified Master
• Spiritual Intelligence -- Coach and Instructor
• Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) --Certified Professional
• Sound Healing Techniques – Advanced Practitioner
• Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced Practitioner
• Law of Attraction/Conscious Creation Coach and Instructor
• Aura and Chakra Coach and Instructor

Management Career spanning 25 odd years:
• Graduated from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC),
• Worked in areas of Training and Human Resource development
• Was head of Management Education Division at the All India Management Association (New Delhi) for three years,
• Management consultant to USAID, Mother Care, Center for Education
• Management and Development, Dept for International Development (UK),
• Binary Fusion and others.