Our greatest joy is in being ourselves, in living freely and fully, and in giving and receiving love. We are created for this. Yet the collective past trauma of the human race keeps us from it.
Come on a guided journey out of the shadows into life in the light.

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Personal Intensive :
Your Customized Healing & Mentoring session

Experience a one-on-one personalized Energy healing and coaching with Malabika. You may sign up for a private individual energy healing, personal empowerment or spiritual mentoring session.
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Mentorship Program for Personal Empowerment

A Spiritual Intelligence Based Coaching Program in three parts. Each part comprises four individual sessions (in person or online), readings, assignments and follow up. Sessions are typically two weeks apart.
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Relationships Coaching : Loving with Greater Awareness

A coaching program for couples. It offers a safe space for both of you to explore all aspects of your relationship -- from love and sexual intimacy to power, money and control issues.
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Discourses and MeditationsLearn from the Experts

Malabika Shaw

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Gautam Mukerjee

A Slice of Evolving Science

Darreck Chen

The Four Bodies

Yogi Shri Niranjan

Body Wisdom Meditation

Malabika Shaw

Heart Coherence Meditation

Govinda Niranjan

Dynamics of Relating

Debra Engle

Connecting with Spirit Guides

Judy Olson

Be Live Love Medtation