Spiritual Response Therapy

"About 90% of our negative patterns arise out of energies from the past." Robert Detzler

SRT is a powerful spiritual guidance system for growth and healing. Robert Detzler chanelled and taught SRT students to clear the soul's pathway to Spirit. SRT researches soul records and clears discordance over lifetimes. Resolve dysfunctional programs created on the journey to incarnate on earth. This fascinating body of knowledge changes the landscape of our inner and outer lives, enabling us to live more freely and fully.

With SRT you will
• Understand levels of spiritual reality and universal consciousness.
• Connect withyour High Self to clear pathway of the soul’s journey.
• Learn the art of asking as ‘Ask and You Shall Receive’ is the principle.
• Integrate with and live from the New Paradigm at Radiant Love.

Part I: Basic SRT Curriculum

• Dowsing with a pendulum
• The art of asking questions
• Tuning into your higher guidance
• Removing blocks and interferences
• Spiritual Healing Principles
• Process of the clearing energies of past lives from soul records
• Clearing 13 basic programs.
• Clearing blocks to relationships
• Clearing Blocks to health and abundance
• Releasing old patterns and re-patterning

Part II: Adv. SRT Curriculum

• Creative process of the soul
• Advanced Energy Clearing process
• Clearing Universal programs, Soul programs
• Clearing Spiritual level Programs
• Inner Child Clearing
• Brain Restructuring
• Homotoxicology
• Clearing organs and glands
• Clearing groups and organizations
• Working closely with Spirit
• Art of deeper investigation and more ...


Forthcoming Programs

January 15 to February 10, 2021
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(Mon. Wed. Fri. 3 hr. classes over 5 weeks)

Facilitator: Malabika Shaw, Certified SRT Teacher (since 2006). Malabika became a SRT practitioner in 2003 and a Consultant in 2005.
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Pre course preparation: You will be using a pendulum as a dowsing tool for SRT. If you are new to dowsing, please watch these simple instructional videos to help you get started.

Dowsing Part 1
Dowsing Part 2


Registration and Payments
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January 15 to February 10, 2021

(Mon. Wed. Fri. 3 hr. classes over 5 weeks)

Basic & Advanced Integrated : $1080.00



1. Deposit to book a spot: $350

2. Balance amount: $730

Re-take SRT Basic & Advanced Integrated : $600

Post Course Follow up: To ensure that you are comfortable with the system, you will be supported for one month after completion by Malabika with remote energy clearing, online support through zoom and email exchanges.



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